Exploring what’s on the other side!

My Journey is a Trip

By Rocco Satullo, your tour guide to fun!
And author of a
 memoir and novel.  

Life itself is a journey. Sometimes, it’s the ordinary turned extraordinary that creates memories that will never be forgotten. My stories are your stories. And even if they’re not, I hope you enjoy the trip…

Kids Shoveling Snow

Home for the Holidays

It’s Thanksgiving! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Free Range Kids


Just a quick thought…

Our 1st Dog Lasted 1 Day

The Gas Chamber


Bulldozing Paradise


Just a quick thought…

Topino – The Tooth Mouse


Wrestling A Bear


Gore Orphanage

Just a quick thought…

Babysitters from Hell

I’m Gunnin’ For Fear

Stirring Up A Hornets’ Nest 

The Disease

Caddy Days

Just a quick thought…

The Agony of Defeat 

Going Postal

Big Shots

Spring Break for Old Dudes


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