Exploring what’s on the other side!

My Journey is a Trip

By Rocco Satullo, your tour guide to fun!
And author of a
 memoir and novel.  

Life itself is a journey. Sometimes, it’s the ordinary turned extraordinary that creates memories that will never be forgotten. My stories are your stories. And even if they’re not, I hope you enjoy the trip…

The Turntable

My Long Walk Home

The Last Road Trip

Kids Shoveling Snow

Home for the Holidays

It’s Thanksgiving! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Free Range Kids

The Gas Chamber


Bulldozing Paradise

Topino – The Tooth Mouse


Wrestling A Bear

Gore Orphanage

Stirring Up A Hornets’ Nest 

The Disease

Caddy Days

The Agony of Defeat 

Big Shots

Spring Break for Old Dudes


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